Česká společnost protetické stomatologie

EPA webinar series on “Fixed Prosthodontic Rehabilitations”

The European Prosthodontic Association (EPA), one of the oldest Scientific Associations in the field of Dentistry, established in 1976, is hosting a series of webinars, aiming to present all the latest cutting-edge practices, in the fields of Prosthetic, Reconstructive Dentistry and Dental Technology, delivered by the most renown members of the International Dental Community.

2021 will be the inaugural year for launching the EPA webinar series on “Fixed Prosthodontic Rehabilitations”.

The first, kick off webinar entitled "Envisioning the Future of Prosthodontics", is scheduled for Saturday, 08 May, 2021, at 12:00 - 13:30 CET (Central European Time).

Webinar Lectures & Speakers

Adopting wisely innovative computer-assisted technologies in prosthodontic care
Prof. Asbjorn Jokstad

Implant treatment when bone is lacking
Prof. Hugo de Bruyn

Biofilm – biomaterial interactions
Prof. Mariano Sanz

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